What to read to improve your Dutch?


Many students have problems with reading in Dutch because the vocab and grammar can be too complicated for their level. I had the same problem when I was learning the language. To this problem, I had to find a solution, this solution is called Wablieft. Wablieft is a very short newspaper meant for non-native adults who want to learn Dutch and don’t the level yet to read a real newspaper. Each week, there is a new Walieft which contains 12 pages with images and a simplified level. You get your Wablieft per post or you can also get it in PDF. Here are some examples:

If the level is still too high, there are even more simplified versions:http://www.wablieft.be/krant/wablieft-start

You can get a subscription so that you don’t have to worry about paying it every week and you can also get a discount:http://www.wablieft.be/krant/abonnementen/wablieft-krant

The weekly price for a year is of 0,6 euros. If you rather want to try 10 newspaper instead of an annual subscription, it’s 11 euros